MEDDIC Sales Process

Close More Deals, Pitch to the Right Customers

Maximize the efficiency of your sales by knowing and qualifying the right audience.

  • Connect multiple data sources to analyze information and create a sales strategy
  • Real-time collaboration to connect with multiple participants for effective evaluation
  • Professional templates to map out customer journey
MEDDIC Sales Process
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Identify the Right Audience

Identify the Right Audience

Identify the Right Audience

Import and export data in Excel and CSV formats from a CRM system or sales funnel to visualize and analyze on the infinite canvas and identify areas of improvement.

Professionally created customer persona templates and customer journey maps for better customer segmentation, and identify their requirements and pain points.

Link resources, documents and attachments with additional information to capture all related details and create data-rich workspaces.

Professional diagramming and brainstorming tools to ideate, plan, and strategize on organizational improvement and change initiatives.


Execute Effective Decision-Making

Execute Effective Decision-Making

Multiple templates and frameworks for analyzing processes, setting goals, action planning, resource allocation, strategic planning, and more.

An infinite canvas with powerful documentation capabilities to centralize all of your information in one place.

Customizable styling options and text formatting capabilities to highlight important points and drill down on issues.

Virtual whiteboard with diagramming tools to conduct structured strategic planning sessions and decision making workshops.

Multiple statuses for workspaces such as Draft, In Review and Approved to track progress and streamline the decision making process.

Execute Effective Decision-Making
Connect with Team Members in Real-time

Connect with Team Members in Real-time

Connect with Team Members in Real-time

Real-time cursors for any number of participants to collaborate with teams on a shared canvas.

Export in JPEG, PNG, PDF and SVG formats to embed your sales plans in reports and presentations or enable link sharing to collaborate with cross-functional teams.

In-app video and audio calls to connect with colleagues from any location and feel like you are in the same room during meetings and discussions.

User management which allows different levels of organizational users to have access to relevant documents during the sales cycle.

What Is the MEDDIC Sales Process?

MEDDIC is a world-renowned B2B sales methodology that is designed to help sales teams identify the buyers who are most likely to convert to a purchase, ensuring an increased rate of sales returns. The acronym MEDDIC stands for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Pain and Champion.

How to Use the MEDDIC Sales Process with Creately?

  • Metrics: Determine the economic impact of the solution you provide. For instance, does your product help minimize the cost incurred by the buyer for a particular process, or will it help increase the revenue by a percentage? Metrics are more effective when you present the numbers to your client. Use one of the Creately dashboard templates to create a visually attractive presentation of your metrics.
  • Economic Buyer: Identify the right economic buyer using one of Creately’s buyer persona templates. An economic buyer is the individual who will ultimately make the purchase decision.
  • Decision Criteria: Once you have identified the economic buyer, the next step is to study the decision criteria. That is to understand what factors would affect the purchase decision. It can be the convenience of your service or the availability of adequate information regarding the product or service.
  • Decision Process: It is also vital to gain a clear view of the decision process within your potential buyer’s organization. Determine the steps in the approval process and the key factors that may influence it using a flow chart.
  • Identify Pain: When identifying buyers, it is important to identify which issue in the buyer’s company would be resolved with your solution. Determine what inconveniences your buyer the most and compels him/her to opt for your product.
  • Champion: This is the person in your buyer’s company whose work will have the most impact from your solution, and hence he/she will go the extra mile to promote it within the organization.
  • Using an opportunity chart, you can visualize all the components of the MEDDIC process, once you have identified the metrics for each individual element.