Collaborative Infographic Software

Design Collaborative Infographics for Your Software

Creately helps you create unique, engaging infographics with your team and explore ways to visualize and display complex data or information.

  • Wide array of shapes and icons to create unique infographics
  • Shape data to store information on the same infographic
  • Export as SVG, PNG, JPEG, and more
Collaborative Infographic Software
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Create Engaging Infographics

Create Engaging Infographics

Create Engaging Infographics

Build creative infographics using a range of shapes and color palettes. Easily organize your concepts and ideas creatively using the wide array of styling and formatting options.

Make use of diagramming shortcuts with Plus Create. Explore creative options with smart shapes, connectors, and images.

Seamless data arrangement for visualizing your concepts. Create engaging infographics for targeted audiences.

Work with over 1000s of editable templates and multiple diagramming tools. Customize and extend the professionally-designed templates according to your requirements.


Seamless Team Collaboration

Seamless Team Collaboration

Real-time video and audio conferencing to engage in team discussions and get feedback. Work on projects and have creative brainstorming sessions with your team.

In-line commenting to initiate discussions, tag relevant team member in the form of comments threads.

Real-time cursors for any number of participants. Edit your projects in real-time with color-coded mouse pointers for clear, easy collaboration.

Manage sharing, permissions, and roles within a group while working on team projects to easily delegate tasks and responsibilities.

Seamless Team Collaboration
Bring Clarity to Complex Concepts

Bring Clarity to Complex Concepts

Bring Clarity to Complex Concepts

Import images and work with drag-drop drawing to develop unique concepts. Create eye-catching infographics in a variety of styles or formats.

Design infographics with custom colors, shapes to connect ideas without hassle to create infographics that engage your audience.

Easily edit infographics using a variety of shapes, styles and formats. Break down complex concepts with aesthetically appealing infographics.

Export infographics for presentations, lessons, or individual projects in different formats such as SVG, PNG, JPEG, and more.

What Is an Infographic?

An infographic is a visual representation of data or information, that conveys a message or concept through engaging images, attractively displaying important information that captures the target audience. Infographics can creatively break down or simplify complex information through imagery and easily convey information without resorting to a high amount of text.

How to Create an Infographic?

  • Gather and organize all relevant data and information related to the topic or message that you need to work on.
  • Identify your target audience, define the objectives of your infographic, and most importantly, the message you need to convey.
  • Get your team to share the relevant data they have gathered, and get feedback by inviting them to collaborate on your visual workspace on Creately through an email or invite link. You can use Creately’s in-app conferencing and whiteboard features to brainstorm concepts and ideas for your infographic.
  • You can select an editable infographic template from Creately, and get started right away, or start creating your layout with smart shapes.
  • Get creative with color palettes, style formats and import to create your infographic from scratch. You can use pie charts, bar or stacked graphs and more to visually represent your data, and work with color themes to make your infographic stand out.
  • Avoid adding too much text, and try to make your message digestible through imagery.
  • Export your infographics for printing, or publishing and sharing on popular platforms like in SVG, PNG, or JPEG formats.