Class Diagram Tool

  • Multiple frameworks to create class diagrams that illustrate the structure of a system
  • Simple drag and drop interface to visualize how a system interacts
  • Video conferencing & live mouse tracking to collaborate in real-time with others

Class Diagram Templates

Class Diagram for Bank ATM System
Railway Reservation System Class
Class Diagram for College Management System
Class Diagram for Online Shopping System
Class Diagram for Point of Sale System
Class Diagram for Order Management System
Courier Management System - Class Diagram
Retail Banking System - Class Diagram
UML class diagram

What Is a Class Diagram?

A class diagram is a static UML diagram type that describes the structure of a system by showing its classes, attributes, operations, and relationships among objects.

Class diagrams are used for visualizing, describing, and documenting different aspects of a system so that you can construct executable code for software applications.

Creating a Class Diagram on Creately

  1. You can begin by using Creately’s multiple class diagram frameworks or start with a blank canvas and add shapes as you go.
  2. Creately’s real-time collaboration features are great for designing software applications with your team. Simply invite collaborators to the canvas and use live-video conferencing and real-time mouse tracking to plan, discuss, and design your class diagrams together.
  3. Creately comes with specific UML shape libraries complete with class, interface, data type, and package shapes.
  4. Simply drag and drop shapes onto the canvas to represent classes, attributes, and methods.
  5. Note composition and multiplicity relationships with specific icons.
  6. Link data, notes and other relevant information to classes using the data panel for added context.
  7. Use shape links to connect various classes on the canvas together for easy navigation and better understanding.
  8. Export your class diagram in multiple formats including JPEGs, SVGs, PNGs, PDFs, and more.

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