Diagram Usage

MEDDIC Sales Process | MEDDIC Sales Methodology | Creately

MEDDIC sales process is a methodology that helps identify the right customers to pitch your product or service to. Use Creately’s pre-designed templates and visual workspaces to incorporate MEDDIC into your sales strategy.

Impact Mapping Template | Draw Impact Mapps

Visualize effective impact maps with Creately’s Impact Mapping Template. Collaborate in real-time with live-video conferencing, outline your business goal and create a path to achieve them.

Stakeholder Register | Stakeholder Register Template

Effectively document and centralize stakeholder details for better project planning. Useful templates, infinite visual workspaces, real-time collaboration, and powerful diagramming.

Risk Register | Risk Register Template

Collaborate on identifying risks and documenting information on them. Useful templates, infinite visual workspaces, real-time collaboration, and powerful diagramming.

Kirkpatrick Model | Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model

Analyze and measure the impact of employee training programs with the Kirkpatrick model. Useful templates, infinite visual workspaces, real-time collaboration, and powerful diagramming.

Kurt Lewin Change Model | Lewin’s Change Theory

Understand organizational change with Kurt Lewin’s Change model. More change management templates for preparing and planning for change and analyzing results.

SDLC V Model | V Model Template

Develop a framework to test your software as you develop it with the V-Model template. Visualize the various stages of the development life-cycle and design a process that works for you.

Waterfall Project Management Template | Waterfall Project Management

Use this template to better organise and plan your waterfall project management. These visual templates help you plan better processes and execute tasks.

Prioritization Matrix Template| Prioritization Matrix Canvas

Create and organize a prioritization matrix with easy-to-use templates. Organize tasks and allocate resources accordingly.

ROAM Analysis| ROAM Board

Use the ROAM board to assess and deal with threats in the most appropriate manner. Implement the ROAM analysis into your scaled agile framework to create more efficient agile teams.

Corrective Action Plan | Corrective Action Plan Template

Streamline workflows & improve team productivity by identifying errors & deficiencies in processes & brainstorming solutions. Corrective action plan templates, real-time collaboration capabilities, and an infinite canvas.

Project Kickoff Meeting Template | Project Kickoff Meeting

Conduct productive project kickoff meetings with Creately’s visual workspaces. Infinite canvas, real-time collaboration, custom-built templates, and in-app video conferencing.

ADKAR Model | ADKAR Change Management

Visual workspace for effectively assessing, analyzing and understanding change with the ADKAR model of change management. Powerful real-time collaboration capabilities for streamlining teamwork.

Design Thinking Canvas | Design Thinking Canvas Template

Implement the design thinking framework in a structured way with the design thinking canvas. Use the template as an overview to navigate the different elements in a design process and create a systemic technique to collect inputs from a project.

How Might We Template | How MIght We Model

Explore opportunities by reframing the way your team thinks about problems with the How Might We template.

Activity System Map | Activity System Map Template

Analyze your company’s competitive advantage with activity system maps. Premade templates, real-time collaboration capabilities and an infinite visual workspace for effective strategic planning.

Porter’s Generic Strategies | Porter’s Generic Strategies Model

Identify ways to gain competitive advantage in your industry with Porter’s Generic strategies. Premade templates, real-time collaboration capabilities and an infinite canvas for effective strategic planning.

Project Scope Statement Template | Project Scope Statement

Identify and document the work that needs to be done in your project with custom-built project scope statement templates. Collaborate with your team on brainstorming and filling in the details.

USP Analysis | Unique Selling Proposition Analysis

Understand how you differentiate yourself from the market competitors and develop a strong USP. Custom-built templates to collaborate on analyzing your competitors and brainstorming unique selling propositions for your business.

Kano Model | Kano Model Framework

Collaborate with your product teams to create a Kano model that helps prioritize what features need to be added to your product roadmap.