Online Roadmap Maker

Bring Comprehensive Roadmaps Online

Map out your project's or product's roadmaps to clearly communicate the organization's future goals. Use Creately to visualize your roadmaps for better execution of plans and identify bottlenecks in the process.

  • In-built management tools to strategically plan your roadmap
  • Real-time collaboration to connect with multiple participants
  • Infinite canvas to organize, present, and export detailed roadmaps
Online Roadmap Maker
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Outline Your Roadmap According to the Business Goals

Outline Your Roadmap According to the Business Goals

Outline Your Roadmap According to the Business Goals

Bring data from multiple sources to get a better understanding and formulate your strategies on a roadmap.

Infinite canvas to compare and contrast your business goals with your planned deliverables on a roadmap.

Generate multi-perspectives of a roadmap with models; convert into Kanban boards, timelines, or prioritization grids.


Visualize Your Roadmap from Scratch

Visualize Your Roadmap from Scratch

Multiple professionally-designed roadmap templates to choose from.

100s of shapes to choose and customize from Shapes Library and use for timeline, features, and goals of a roadmap.

Easy to use visual canvas to plan your projects.

Use Grids and Guides to precisely align milestones in your roadmap.

Connect items with dynamic connectors that stay connected and arrange themselves as you make changes.

Visualize Your Roadmap from Scratch
Discuss, Modify, and Finalize Your Roadmap Together

Discuss, Modify, and Finalize Your Roadmap Together

Discuss, Modify, and Finalize Your Roadmap Together

In-app video and audio call to work with your development team on the canvas to discuss the project plans, ownership, and timelines.

Real-time mouse cursors help everyone work together with color-coded mouse pointers with names to identify who’s working on the roadmap.

Comment on anything, with context. Use the comment threads and discussions for real-time collaboration.

Multiple access and role levels to streamline the viewing, feedback gathering, and editing.


Make Your Plan a Reality

Make Your Plan a Reality

Integrations into third-party applications like Github, Slack, Confluence, and more.

Multiple statuses to add status tags to the workspace as Draft, In Progress, In Review, Approved, or Final.

Workspace status update enables you to check the progress of your project and the impact of changes.

Powerful documentation capabilities to keep all the project plans in one place.

Add contextual information to each task/planned action item with data fields and custom properties.

Make Your Plan a Reality

What Is a Roadmap?

Roadmaps define a goal or desired outcome as well as the major steps or milestones needed to achieve it. It is also a communications tool and a high-level document that helps articulate company strategies.

How to Create a Roadmap?

  • Visualize the roadmap by setting the objectives and goals and initiatives that need to be taken. Explain how it will support overall business objectives with the data panel of shapes and icons.
  • Review and manage ideas. Use Creately’s prioritization grids from the template library or Frames to manage ideas and rank them according to the impact it would have in the business.
  • Bring participants from different departments from the company and discuss the roadmap against the business requirements. Identify the specific requirement and objectives that best support your strategy. Use Creately’s in-built video and whiteboarding features to connect with the participants.
  • Now, you have identified the tasks and their priority, use Kanban boards to split the tasks into releases.
  • Once finalized, use Google/Microsoft add-ons, embed in an email, website, or export the roadmap in various formats including SVG, PNG, JPEG, and PDF.