Online Scrum Board

Visual Sprint Planning, Evolved

A single connected visual platform to collaborate on planning, tracking, executing, and analyzing your Scrum projects.

  • Intuitive visual canvas for seamless visual project management
  • In-built video conferencing to run meetings and workshops
  • Pre-built templates to streamline your sprints and agile workflows
Online Scrum Board
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Organize Big Projects into Small, Manageable Sprints

Organize Big Projects into Small, Manageable Sprints

Organize Big Projects into Small, Manageable Sprints

Simple drag and drop tools to visualize and organize tasks, resources, and workflows.

Online whiteboard and sticky notes for user story mapping, product backlog planning, and sprint planning.

Multiple pre-made templates to facilitate daily stand-ups, retro meetings, user story mapping, task management, resource allocation, and more.

Intuitive visual grids for task prioritization and Kanban boards and Gantt charts for task management.


Build a Single Source of Truth

Build a Single Source of Truth

Workspace, folder, team, and organizational level sharing to manage project data points of different departments and teams.

Embed documents and assets with in-app previews to centralize all project information and create a single source of truth for better decision-making.

Infinite canvas that scales up to 1000s of items in a single view to build wikis containing project plans, meeting notes, analysis reports, etc.

Multiple app integrations to help you import and export data across teams on different platforms.

Universal search to easily navigate through and among complex project workspaces.

Build a Single Source of Truth
Connect All Teams Across the Board

Connect All Teams Across the Board

Connect All Teams Across the Board

Real-time cursors for any number of participants. Work with teams and clients on a shared canvas.

Video conferencing baked into the platform to smoothly run project brainstorming sessions, sprint planning meetings, project reviews, and retros.

Contextual comments to engage and get input from key stakeholders. Use @mention comments to direct people to get things done or clarify things.

Multiple access and role levels to effectively manage working with external stakeholders and clients on projects.

Smart notifications to stay up to date with the latest project and task updates.


A Better Way to Run Your Projects

A Better Way to Run Your Projects

Assign tasks to complete items in context. Link tasks to or from other project management tools seamlessly.

Set estimated times and due dates for tasks and allocate resources based on availability and skill sets.

Built-in agile project management tooling and integrations for your favorite project management tools to keep work flowing.

Share specific perspectives when privileged or when security information is needed.

A Better Way to Run Your Projects
Augment Your Project Data

Augment Your Project Data

Augment Your Project Data

Create multiple perspectives of the same data with model objects; effortlessly convert ideas into Kanban boards, Gantt charts, or roadmaps.

Extend your visuals by linking them to other resources and building on them with custom properties and additional data fields.

Use frames inside the infinite canvas to generate page-like layouts to organize project data, group similar content, or build a presentation flow.

Connect to your favorite tools with Creately plugins for Slack, Google Workspace, Confluence, and more.

What Is a Scrum Board?

A scrum is a visual project management tool that visually displays the necessary information of a scrum project. It shows stories and the sprint backlog allowing anyone to get the general idea of what’s happening at a glance.

How to Create a Scrum Board?

  • Select a premade scrum board template from Creately and share it with the rest of the team.
  • Select the user story you and your team want to work on during the sprint and add it to the board as a card. Additional details on the card can be stored via the data fields.
  • Split the user stories into individual tasks and move them to the to-do column.
  • As the sprint progresses, move the task cards onto the correct column; from to-do to in progress to done, etc.
  • Once the task is completed, start working on the next card in the to-do column. To differentiate between each of the tasks, use different colors from the preset color themes in Creately.
  • Connect with your team on a video call on Creately to review and discuss the sprint tasks and come up with solutions for the problems faced during the sprint.