Kanban Board Software

Visualize Project Workflows

Organize your everyday workflows and set your team up for success. Visually organize and track progress of any kind of work collaboratively.

  • Visualize tasks, projects and understand the progress of your team
  • Flexible Kanban templates, adapts to your needs
  • Real-time collaboration that enables your clients and team members to work together from anywhere
Kanban Board Software
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Gain Better Workflow Visibility

Gain Better Workflow Visibility

Gain Better Workflow Visibility

A vast library of customizable workflow visualization templates to get you started right away.

Simply drag and drop content from any source to visualize projects and tasks.

Custom color themes to differentiate tasks allocated to different teams.

An infinite canvas to access centralized kanban boards, dashboards and project plans.


Get Your Team on the Same Page

Get Your Team on the Same Page

Real-time mouse trackers to track changes made by the team.

In-app video conferencing to receive instant feedback on workflows.

Asynchronous comment threads to track conversations as the project progresses.

Embed and share your whiteboard with your team and invite other stakeholders to collaborate and contribute.

Get Your Team on the Same Page
Manage Key Performance Drivers

Manage Key Performance Drivers

Manage Key Performance Drivers

Bring data from any source to analyze feedback loops and the progress of your projects.

Universal full-text search to quickly find specific projects and tasks on the board.

Enable data integrations with multiple apps such as Google, Slack and Github to streamline the flow of information across workflows.

Export as PDF, SVG and PNG for high-quality output for presentation and documentation.

What Is a Kanban Board?

Kanban boards are a workflow visualization tool that enables teams to work efficiently, identify bottlenecks and improve business processes. It helps track the work in progress and facilitates better task allocation. Then Kanban technique was first introduced by Taiichi Ohno – an industrial engineer and businessman – for Toyota Automotive in Japan.

How to create a Kanban Board?

  • Select your tool to create the board. You can use a physical board or a digital tool like Creately to accommodate team members who work remotely.
  • Divide all the tasks into three swimlane columns under the tags to do, in progress and completed.
  • Organize your tasks in the ‘to-do’ column by order of priority. You can move your highest priority task to the ‘in-progress’ column once you start working on it.
  • Set a clear limit for the WIP. It refers to the limit on the number of tasks that can be in the in-progress column of the Kanban board at any given time. This helps ensure that teams are working at their full potential without multitasking.
  • Add cards. You can add cards based on the priority and timeline for a task or a project. A card should only represent a single item. If the scope of the card seems to be too broad, break it down into multiple cards.
  • Set expectations. Specify who has the authority to add, rearrange, remove, or move Kanban cards. Limit the number of people who can to avoid creating confusion.
  • Gather feedback. Collect feedback and suggestions from stakeholders and make adjustments to your Kanban board to serve the needs of your team and organization better.
  • Share best practices for using Kanban boards with Creately’s Kanban guide.