The Creately Visual Platform

Creately combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a database to help teams work more efficiently and drive innovation.

The Creately Visual Platform

It all starts with how we look at data

While others see data as part of their own apps or part of a spreadsheet or a table, Creately considers data as ‘items’.

Items can be visually managed, moved, grouped, and played with however you like.

Step 1. Free your data from tables

Visuals that go beyond the visual

Items on a workspace are so much more than pretty pictures, they are data-linked and context aware. Add data, notes, tasks, workflow statuses, and more.

The free-form canvas allows you to add ANYTHING and get these superpowers, enabling you to model the most flexible workflows that make sense for your context.

Step 2. Link data and notes to visual items

Everything is always ‘synced’

On Creately, you can show the same item as a sticky note, a process step, a stick figure, or a cake! (if you think that works).

Show it however you want based on the context and any change you make will be synced across all the places it’s used in and linked to.

Step 3. Give data power to multi-perspective views

Data integration that makes sense

On a Creately Canvas, you can bring in items from multiple platforms that are usually not related. Arrange, group, and move them to create custom workflows. Unlike ‘its all or nothing’ kind of data imports, Creately lets you drag-drop what you want to the place you want.

Extend your core platforms by adding additional meta-data, notes and information that the host platform won’t let you.

Data from the source gets synced back, data added on Creately stays inside Creately and is synced to all contexts.

Step 4. Augment and extend your work apps

Tasks and workflows at the core

Add tasks to ANYTHING by adding a ‘task role’. Add multiple task roles, build a workflow with multiple members and assign clear responsibilities.

The ‘My Tasks’ view gives you a central command center to organize your workweek.

Step 5. Get things done with My Tasks and workflows

The 6 core building blocks

With Creately’s core capabilities, you can build powerful yet intuitive apps to solve any kind of workflow or team challenge.

Visual Workspaces

Custom Databases

Task Management

Multi-Player Collaboration

Wiki & Notes

Modeling & Diagramming