Community Asset Mapping

Visualize Community Resources

Visually depict the shared resources of a community and conduct a detailed analysis of how they are utilized.

  • Visualize and discover resources of your community on one single, infinite canvas
  • Customizable community asset mapping templates to get a head start on your research
  • Advanced presentation capabilities to present your findings to key stakeholders
Community Asset Mapping
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Create Detailed Community Asset Mapping Templates

Create Detailed Community Asset Mapping Templates

Create Detailed Community Asset Mapping Templates

Multiple templates and simple to use drag and drop tools to get a headstart and draw complex community asset mapping diagrams fast and easily.

Infinite canvas to centralize all information and visualize institutions, individuals, citizen associations and more that exist in a community.

Import data from multiple sources to conduct detailed community mapping and link related resources together.


Develop a Better Understanding of Your Community

Develop a Better Understanding of Your Community

Advanced linking features for easy navigation and for grouping related assets together.

Built-in video conferencing to get instant feedback virtually from anywhere.

Brainstorm through each step by visualizing data on an infinite canvas.

Multiple access levels and roles to streamline managing, sharing, editing, and reviewing your analysis.

Develop a Better Understanding of Your Community
Plan for the Best Utilization of Resources

Plan for the Best Utilization of Resources

Plan for the Best Utilization of Resources

Import images, vectors, and more on to the canvas to create more informative and visually attractive community asset mapping diagrams.

10,000+ professional shape library and customizable color palettes to organize data for better comprehension.

Built-in presentation tools to organize your information and share and present them instantly to others.

What Is Community Asset Mapping?

The asset mapping method is used in community development. This facilitates identifying and documenting existing resources in a community, such as institutions, individuals, and citizen associations.

How to Conduct Community Asset Mapping?

  • Identify community resources that can help you identify information about the assets.
  • Find out what the problems and concerns are in your community by meeting with local leaders and citizens. You can also conduct a survey.
  • Set a geographic boundary for the map. Decide what kinds of assets you need to include in the map, such as local businesses.
  • Identify the community’s physical assets. This includes lands, transportation systems, buildings, etc. As the next step, identify economic assets. This includes what the citizens in the community produce and consume. Find out about the history of the community.
  • Write down the skills, capacities, experiences, passions, and talents of the members of the community that can contribute to its strengthening. Identify local associations like sports clubs and local institutions such as schools and libraries.
  • If needed, invite your colleagues to the same workspace and work in real-time - as if you’re working from the same room. Use Creately’s inbuilt video conferencing to speak to your colleagues while working on the analysis.
  • Export your diagram in JPEG, SVG, PNG or PDF formats or share with colleagues for real-time feedback collection. You can also share it with other interested parties with a secure diagram sharing link.
  • Present your analysis to key stakeholders with Creately’s advanced presentation capabilities. Share an edit/review diagram link with others so anyone can easily access it to monitor the progress.