Storyboard Software

Visualize Your Video Projects

Plan, design and create storyboards to visualize video concepts before production.

  • Multiple storyboard templates to visualize video concepts
  • Multiple shape, styles and text formats to create detailed depictions of scenes
  • Real-time collaboration to visually depict and explain scenes to larger teams
Storyboard Software
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Bring Your Concepts to Life

Bring Your Concepts to Life

Bring Your Concepts to Life

Professionally designed templates to quickly visualize your concepts and ideas for videos and animations.

Freehand drawing functions to precisely sketch out the shots you have in mind.

Advanced text and annotation features to describe scenes in detail.

Multiple import options to add visuals and graphics straight onto the canvas.


Streamline Your Production Efforts

Streamline Your Production Efforts

Advanced linking capabilities to connect multiple workspaces together. Link different scenes for easy navigation and better understanding of production requirements.

Universal full-text search for quick and easy navigation across different workspaces.

Data-enabled shapes to add context to storyboards - list down production requirements, actor notes and any other additional information for greater understanding.

Multiple export options to embed storyboards in scripts, presentations and more.

Streamline Your Production Efforts
Conceptualize Video Content Together

Conceptualize Video Content Together

Conceptualize Video Content Together

Real-time editing with whiteboard features for efficient team collaboration and input.

Multi-cursor and multi-user functionality for convenient collaboration to edit storyboard shots and information.

Manageable access levels and permissions for users to edit, share and review information.

Embedding features with add-ons to easily share creations in Google/Microsoft documents, slides, and sheets.

What Is a Storyboard?

A storyboard is a graphic organizer that visually displays the flow of a film, animation, video or motion graphics. The storyboard, which explains the production process, looks similar to a graphic novel or comic book with illustrations and images, including the script or dialogue. Storyboarding can help identify issues or where to make improvements to make the production process more efficient.

How to Create a Storyboard?

  • Get started by defining the objectives of your video or film, including the message or impression you are trying to convey. Think about the audience you are trying to capture, and how you can do that with your film or video. Once you have decided on your direction, decide on how long the video or film should be.
  • Select a storyboard template from Creately’s extensive gallery, or create your own by styling shapes and format, importing images and using creative color palettes.
  • You can start sketching the shots in each box with Creately’s freehand drawing option, or import clip-art or illustration to visually explain the scenes.
  • Now you can add your script that includes details on the characters, plot, prop, theme, setting and more, to define what is going on in the shot.
  • Share your storyboard in PNG, SVG, JPEG, and PDF formats or publish your creation on popular platforms.
  • Start a discussion using Creately’s in-app conferencing features, get feedback from your team members across different departments or locations, as though you are interacting in the same room.