Supply and Demand Graph Maker

Visualize Supply & Demand Data for Better Understanding

Bring supply and demand data for products and/or services onto a single platform to visually model complex data. Analyze, compare, and discuss for better understanding and effective decision making.

  • Readily available templates and frameworks to convert complex data sheets to stunning visuals
  • Bring in data by linking external sources to the workspace and centralize information on one canvas
  • In-app video conferencing to facilitate interactive discussions and decision making
Supply and Demand Graph Maker
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Capture and Store All Your Data

Capture and Store All Your Data

Capture and Store All Your Data

Multiple industry-standard templates to visually gather information and simplify data.

Generate multi-perspectives with models; convert your flowcharts into Kanban boards, timelines, or roadmaps.

Extend your supply and demand graph to include additional contextual information on each step with data fields and custom properties.

Infinite canvas to fit multiple graphs to visually model various changes reflecting the effects to many data points on demand and supply simultaneously.


Get Your Team to Work Together

Get Your Team to Work Together

In-app video conferencing to work with your team on the canvas; feel like you are working in the same room.

Multiple access and role level controls to streamline sharing, reviewing, and editing data and graphs.

Comment on anything with context. Full comment threads and discussions to collaborate in real-time. Async!

Get Your Team to Work Together
Share Information and Manage Workflows

Share Information and Manage Workflows

Share Information and Manage Workflows

Context-aware shapes to arrange your data; use professional themes to represent the supply and demand graph.

Embed your supply and demand graphs in any site or share with anyone via an email or link invite to collaborate on.

Export as SVGs, PNGs, JPEGs, and PDFs.

In-built project management tools to manage ownership, tasks, and revisions.

What is a Supply and Demand Graph?

Supply and Demand graph illustrates the relationship between the quantity demanded and the current market price of a product or a service.

How to Create a Supply and Demand Graph?

  • Gather the information you need. Identify the key details on pricing changes, demand and supply quantities over a certain time period.
  • Create a rough outline of the graph by arranging the gathered information in a chronological order. This step will also help you filter out the key details from the rest of the researched data.
  • Creately offers an array of templates for you to pick a layout for your graph and get started quickly.
  • Once you have selected the Creately template, add pricing data to the horizontal line and the quantity details to the vertical line.
  • Mark the demand and supply data for each price to get the demand and supply curves. You will identify the equilibrium pricing at this point. You can draw many of these for each time period on the same sheet to analyze and compare.
  • Style your graph and add images if necessary. With Creately, you can quickly style your graph with attractive and professional color themes. While you can import images, clip art, gifs, logos, icons, etc. right from your device to customize your graph, you can also use the built-in Google image search to find more images.
  • Share your graph with other key stakeholders or team members to gather their feedback with contextual comments on Creately. You can download your supply and demand graphs as SVGs, PNGs, JPEGs, or PDFs for printing, sharing, publishing, or presentations. You can also share it with anyone via email.