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Software Development Case Study
We found Creately fun to use and definitely easier and more logical than other diagramming tools we have used in the past. Every part of the user interface has been carefully considered to optimize your time creating the chart...
Creately manages to harness the abilities and tools that traditional design and graphics software offer, but packages this functionality in an easy to use application that allows for collaboration between users.
If you're looking to plan out a project, share code design, or craft a flowchart for friends or coworkers, Creately offers a no-software tool with a nice and easy learning curve.
Wow! The hardest part about creating a diagram is getting input from multiple workers on the project. Creately is a simple idea which does the hard work for you; it creates a spot where collaboration on diagrams is fast and easy. Your team can create anything from a map for a business plan, flowcharts, or just about any visual diagram you can think of.
Overall, Creately won me over — I’m in love. I’m a huge fan of charts and diagrams, and use them both personally and professionally. I’ve found that most diagram drawing apps tend to either be easy to use and lack features, or full-featured, pricey, and complicated. There was a serious hole to fill and Creately stepped in and fills it beautifully.
Creately harnesses the power of expensive desktop design software and neatly delivers the same features in an online tool. Multiple users can collaborate on diagrams using Creately, the tool allows users to create anything from simple flowcharts to complex electronics diagrams.
I am all praise for this one. The interface is neat, interactive and impressive, the entire functionality and features are easy to manage. I have used it and I have loved it given that I am not a big fan of such tools on the Web and always prefer desktop software.
One of its strengths is that it provides a variety of starting templates. These include UML class diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, sitemaps, wireframes, and much more. You can produce almost any chart or diagram you would need in planning the user experience and data model of your application within the Creately web application.
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Creately takes creating mindmaps, wireframes, website outlines, etc. to a level that razzle dazzles above the rest!

-Rob Hawthorne,

Pinnacle of cloud-based collaboration software

"Creately represents the pinnacle of cloud-based collaboration software. We've been able to effortlessly create charts, maps, plans and much more with an improvement in productivity and quality.

As if it wasn't good enough, integration with Google Apps provides an essential and accessible application for every business The greatest tribute for Creately is, although free, there are more than enough benefits to warrant purchasing one of the plans available."

-Adam Khemiri, UltraVista Media

Creately saved my Day

"You saved me today. I had my machine down where Visio is installed and I was due couple of flow charts. Upon googling around I found Creately. It just took me 5 minutes to get used to it and I am done with all my work super fast. Thanks a lot for the evaluation copy and I would definitely refer the site to my IT department for procurement."

-Seshu Kumar Akella

Very helpful for drawing process diagrams - overall fast and easy handling - Creately... very recommendable!

-Verena Koerber, EXPERCASH GmbH

Incredible App

Webiit was looking for a powerful web based diagramming tool that integrated with Google Apps so that we could develop diagrams for our iPhone and Android App development projects quickly and easily within our Apps domain.

Creately is an incredible App that allows us to collaborate on projects no matter where team members are located and the overall power of Creately for the price is a great value. I highly recommend it.

-Mike Cachine, Webiit Communications

Easy to use!

Getting hooked on the easy to use wire diagrams and flow diagrams we use for web development in the property industry.

-Adriaan, MyProperty South Africa

Cross Platform Online Solution

I’ve used Visio for years, but was looking for a cross platform online solution for doing flow diagrams and wireframes. Now my co-workers with Macs can access my drawings and edit them. And no more creating Visio files and copying them into Word to send them – just give access to the client so they can view them online.

-Jeanne Cost, Fuse IQ

Your support is extremely quick compared to other services. I'm glad Creately staff feel that people matter!

-Rigel Arndt

Very easy to use

"Creately is a valuable, easy to use diagram, wireframe and web design tool. I highly recommend this subscription!"

-Rob Goulet, Private Club Links

Creately is something I would not hesitate to pay for...

"I'll be honest: I don't pay for a lot of software, preferring free wherever possible. But Creately is something I would not hesitate to pay for and use in my professional work or work in the classroom. It's good stuff."

-Julie Meloni,

Helping us a lot in planning and drafting software applications

"Stunning piece of software - helping us alot in planning and drafting applications for our customers."

-Cedric Moschallski

Awesome. Forget Visio. Hello Creately! Love it.

-Chuck Loveday

All the functionality of an advanced software but so Easy to Use

"Its really great, with all the context menus that pop up - very clever. All the functionality you would expect of an advanced bit of software but so easy to use too"

-Andrew Wingate

Very easy to use

"Very easy to use right in the first 5 minutes. If you looking to make diagrams and share with others... this is the app for you!"

-Eric Vander Wal

Using Creately for an exam on business systems analysis and design. It's been a huge help

"This app is awesome! I am using Creately for an exam on business systems analysis and design. This has been a huge help. I plan on using this for future projects and will spread the word."

-George Wisnieski

Very Good, Powerful and Easy to Use.

-Massimo Di Pietrantonio

6* (that's six stars)

"6 stars! This is a product that is really easy and intuitive to use resulting in productive work."

-Chandana Gamage

Creately beats them all by far

"This is great! I have searched through many other programs and this by far beats them all. I cannot wait to share with others!"

-Tammy Alemakour

Best online apps I've ever seen

"Excellent work. One of the best online apps I've ever seen"

-Shabith Thennakone


Holy crap! Creately is FANTASTIC.

-Isaacson, NYC

Very easy to handle, no need for help, quick and intuitive

"I have done comparisons with other online software, this is the best I have ever seen, very easy to handle, no need for help, quick and intuitive"

-Thierry Roget

I'm loving it!

"I really find this so easy to use. first started my diagram on MS Visio but finally ended up making it on Creately... I'm loving it.."

-Ravinder Sharma

Makes me look like a Rock Star

I was looking for an easy to use tool to create workflow diagrams for my client. Creately makes me look like a rock star.

-Nicole Chamblin, Visions Productivity Solutions

Making Web UIs is EASY!

-James Giang

The best part of it is its collaboration capabilities

"As we started to write the report, we had to decide what UML tool to use. Our most important concern was that the tool has to be cross-platform. Since Creately is web-based, our concern about cross-platform support is taken care of. It can be used to create informational diagrams, flowcharts, organizational charts, UML designs, mind-maps and many other diagram types. The best part of it is its collaboration capabilities."

-Serkan Olgun, Virtual Impact


"Awesome... fantastic website to create the online documents of shapes like ERD diagrams, Flow charts, and UML diagrams etc."

-Santhosh Reddy Mandadi